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  • Tired of harassment by state Alcohol law enforcement officials?
  • Tired of looking out for traps by officials Tired of huge fines?
  • Tired of your facility having an "easy" reputation?
  • Tired of lawsuits?
  • Tired of excuses by your current ID checkers?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this is the time to invest in your nightclub or convenience store. You have invested a lot of time, money and resources to establish your Bar business and your brand reputation. Just like any other valuable commodity, it is wise to protect your assets against accidental loss. Most people purchase an insurance policy. But in your case, you need more than an insurance policy. You need something that says that you went above and beyond what is reasonable to enforce the laws regarding sales of alcohol and tobacco as it applies to minors. Purchasing I.D. Scanners is by no means an ironclad protection against liability. But in any court, your Bar's proof of purchase and demonstrated regular use of an I.D. scanner can be an affirmative defense that will mitigate or lower the damages that may be awarded to any plaintiff as a result of alcohol sales to a minor at your bar or nightclub.

Types of Driver Licenses

Barcode: Some states have a barcode on the reverse side of the license. All pertinent information is encoded in that 2 dimensional barcode.

Magnetic stripe: Other states have a black magnetic stripe like you have on your credit card. Again, all information on the front of the license is encoded inside the magnetic stripe.

Both: Many states have both barcode and magnetic stripe. The easiest way to learn which your state uses is to inspect your personal license.

Fines can be reduced.

Catching a decoy at the door will impress law enforcement authorities and will likely result in them moving on to some other less pro active owner. Of course if you are the only gig in town, then you will probably be hounded regularly. Even if you get caught with an underage patron, demonstrating a pro active plan to minimize or eliminate chance of selling alcohol to minors will certainly convince law enforcement authorities that your violation should be less severe than a bar with no plan or effort. Purchasing a reliable I.D. Scanner or driver license scanner is a good business practice, and the right thing to do, even if the authorities are not bothering you. A driver license I.D. scanner is used for responsible age verification in conjunction with the sales of alcohol or tobacco.

No More Fake I.D.'s.

I.D. cards are no longer laminated pieces of paper like they were years ago. Today an I.D. card looks more like a credit card. This makes duplication of I.D. cards, such as a drivers license, virtually impossible by underage patrons using homemade DIY techniques with an inkjet printer. Modern I.D. cards are printed directly on plastic using expensive printing equipment integrated with 3 dimensional holograms unique to every state. Bogus holograms are easily detected by shinning a standard LED flashlight on the hologram. We recommend that you keep an LED light handy when checking identification which incorporates these holograms.

Return on Investment

Drivers License Scanners and Readers scan for verification and will detect fake I.D.'s. All Scanner and Reader packages pay for themselves if they prevent just one "sold and/or furnished beer to a person under 21" infraction. Minors today can easily acquire state of the art fake I.D.s or Driver Licenses from China, making them impossible to spot with the untrained eye. Only a driver license scanner can offer a secure way to validate a patrons assertion of age of majority. We offer an affordable and effective solution to this problem with special emphasis on bars and nightclubs. We provide, to more than 5,000 Casinos, Nightclubs, liquor stores and convenience stores, state of the art I.D. and driver license scanners and license reader packages with Age Verification software. The I.D. checker allows you to verify driver license information such as age and expiration status before selling age sensitive products such as alcohol and tobacco. Browse our site for information on our I.D. Scanner and I.D. Reader products.

A scanner to meet your need.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to call us at 352.589.8403. ScanMyID I.D. Scanner products are the most powerful Drivers License Verification Systems providing age verification and individual identification for nightclubs, bars, casinos, liquor stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, marijuana dispensaries, pawn shops etc. We offer the choice of using our stand-alone Scanners, or integrating Software with most PC Systems.

Software (optional):

Software to compliment your ID scanner is an option for management to consider when they are trying to retain customers. If you turn away many customers every night due to space limitations, then this is not recommended for you. However, if you have intermittent busy nights, then you should consider cultivating a database of your customers. With software, you can do things like send newsletters, invitations, discount coupons, or other announcements in an effort to get your clients back into your establishment.