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USB Download all 3 Tracks of data to your IDVerify PC database. View or edit track data 1,2,or 3. Track visitor information by Day, Month, or any Range of the same. Custom Tag specific customer demographics like VIP customers, Banned customers, or creat your own custom Records and Filters. Custom Mailing labels creation & editing along with Custom Letter creation & editing. Export out to EXL, ACT, ACCESSS, or other popular Databases. (Tab-delimited address exporter) (Filtered or unfiltered) for import to external programs.
Extended data-manipulation tools Remote FTP Transfers (through the Internet or FTP, Lan or dial-up)
Remote SMTP transfers with email attachment

Frequent Visitor Reports! Customer Reports
Customer Birthday Reports by Month
Customer Labels Report
Banned Customer Report
Tag Customer Report
Customer Letter Report
Visitor by HR, Day, Information with Time Stamp Report

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