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ID Scanner Barcode & Mag Stripe (rechargable)

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C3-200 Portable ID Checking with Magnetic Card Reader & Barcode Scanner

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The C3-200 is programmed to read government issued drivers license and identification cards in North America, which use either magnetic stripe or barcode (1D & 2D) technology. With one swipe or scan, the ViAge displays the AGE and DATE of BIRTH of the cardholder, eliminating the guesswork it also reads the Name, ID#, and other pertinent information.

Integrating Symbol Technologies 2D "Standard Corona" scan engine, the C3-200 is fast, reliable and reads just about all IDs. A complete and effective ID checking solution is now available to c-stores, gas stations, bars, restaurants and casinos.

The C3-200 is portable and ergonomically designed giving you the flexibility to scan patrons at the door or counter. It can store ID data, which allows you to maintain a database. The ViAge brings ultimate added value to retailers selling age sensitive products to minors. Get more than what you expect with the ViAge!

Don't delay another day. Why Chance the livelihood of your business? Protect it with the ViAge CAV-3200.

Displays AGE and DATE of BIRTH of cardholder
Reads ID#, Name, DOB, Address with Date & Time Stamp
Reads magnetic stripe (3-track reader)
Reads 1D linear symbology: UPC/EAN/JAN, NW7, code 128, code 39 full ASCII, MSI/Plessey, I 2 of 5, discrete 2 of 5, UCC/EAN, Codabar
Reads 2D stack symbology: PDF417; Composite codes: UCC/EAN, RSS code
Smart card reader & writer
Data capture (memory)
Remote upgrade

Additional Features
Portable & Compact
Stand alone unit (no hook up or additional hidden fees)
Easy to use menu options
PC Communication port
Rechargeable battery & power cord
Easy to view large LCD screen with back light panel

  • Model: C3-200 ID Scanner

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